Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the chapter

Welcome to the Sigma Kappa Gamma Kappa Chapter at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. We hope that you find what we have to say both interesting and informative, and we want you to be as excited about recruitment as we are! While recruitment may seem like a scary idea at first, going Greek is the best decision that many of our chapter members have ever made. It has allowed us all to maintain good grades, complete community service hours, become more involved by holding leadership positions, meet new people, network with alumnae, and form everlasting friendships.

Founded nationally on November 9, 1874, at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and founded locally on April 23, 1955, at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, Sigma Kappa has provided positive lifelong experiences to many young women throughout their collegiate years. Here, at the Gamma Kappa Chapter, we provide many amazing and wonderful opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere.

We strive to teach our members about the history, values, and traditions on which Sigma Kappa was founded upon, and we pride ourselves in sharing Sigma Kappa's four values (personal growth, loyalty, service, and friendship) with others, along with living them each and every day. 

The four values of Sigma Kappa play a major role in every chapter member's life, as they make up who everyone is as a person, along with the dynamics of our entire chapter.

Personal Growth:

As Sigma Kappas, we cosistently push ourselves to be the best that we can be, along with holding ourselves to a higher standard. This applies to all aspects of our lives including academics, leadership positions within the chapter, and who we are as sisters, friends, leaders, members, and people. The Gamma Kappa Chapter received first in Panhellenic grades in Fall of 2011 with a grade point average of 3.07, and we received third in Panhellenic grades in Spring of 2012 with a grade point average of a 3.0. As for leadership positions, ten young women make up the Executive Council each year, which is used to run chapter operations, while eleven other young women hold chair positions in assisting them.


As Sigma Kappas, we are loyal to each other as sisters, friends, leaders, members, and people, along with everything that we participate in. We strive to stay faithful to our sorority and our ritual by keeping all business matters and proceedings private and confidential. However, we are also loyal to our Greek community by participating in yearly activities with other Greek chapters on campus, as we always try to put forth our best foot and efforts. Some of these yearly events include Homecoming, Greek Sing, and the Theta Xi Variety Show. While all of them provide us with friendly and healthy competition, we always stay loyal and true to what we start and try our hardest to win. The Gamma Kappa Chapter has won Homecoming Queen twenty-two out of twenty-seven years, along with placing first for Homecoming Float in Fall of 2009 and second for Homecoming Float in Fall of 2011. We have won Greek Sing in Fall of 2009, Fall of 2010, and Fall of 2012, and we placed third in Fall of 2011. Finally, we have won the Theta Xi Variety Show in Spring of 2010, while placing second in Spring of 2011 and Spring of 2012. Finally, several of our members are also extremely loyal to certain fraternities, where they take the position as a specific fraternity's "Sweetheart."


As Sigma Kappas, we enjoy helping, aiding, and assisting others, along with the envirornment. We partake in many different community service events throughout the year. Many of these consist of Bingo at Oak Grove Nursing Home, Paint Club at Oak Grove Nursing Home, Beautify Carbondale, Adopt-A-Spot, Alzheimer's Memory Walk, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, Be My Bra, The Colon Cancer Walk, Relay for Life, Up Til' Dawn, Safe Halloween, Red Cross Blood Drives, Meet Me on Main, and Student Move-In. While we do many of these volunteer efforts together, many members do individual community service on their own as well.  Some of these service events include Partners in Reading, The Boys & Girls Club, The St. Frances Animal Shelter, Coversation English Speaking Partners, and Habitat for Humanity. Because of our large involvement and dedication to our service efforts, the Gamma Kappa Chapter has received first in Panhellenic community service hours for Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012. As an entire chapter, we have completed over 1,000 hours both of these semesters.


As Sigma Kappas, we are most proud of the bonds that we have created with each other over the years. All of the chapter members have made lifelong friends within the chapter that they will be able to count on and keep in touch with even after their collegiate days are over. Joining the sisterhood of Sigma Kappa, allows one to not only make friends, but to make sisters who will be always there for each other no matter what the circumstance or situation may be. We strengthen our friendships by having at least two sisterhoods per month and one large sisterhood retreat per semester. These activities consist of game nights, movie nights, spa nights, crafting nights, formal or progressive dinners, casual lunch dates, workout classes, shopping dates, pumpkin picking/carving/painting, stocking decorating, cupcake/cake decorating, and cookie baking. We are viewed by many as having the strongest sisterhood on campus, and this is one of our biggest accomplishments yet.

Many of our other accomplishments and achievements include winning gold-level standing awards in a variety of categories from Inter-Greek Council, along with Chapter of the Year at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale for the academic year of 2011. We were also given first place awards from Inter-Greek Council for Alumnae Relations Programming, Alumnus of the Year, Senior of the Year, and Inter-Greek Relations for the academic year of 2011, along with the Panhellenic Spirit Award for Fall of 2011, and first place Panhellenic awards for Senior of the Year and Scholar of the Year for the academic year of 2011 as well. Finally, the Gamma Kappa Chapter was honored by our national organization of Sigma Kappa with a One-Star Chapter Award for the academic year of 2010 and academic year of 2011.  

We really hope that you come to love Sigma Kappa as much as we do after learning more about us. It is truly our pride and joy, along with everything that we could ever ask for and more.

Finally, we understand that recruitment can be a very stressful, long, and overwhelming process; however, all of our chapter members are here to make sure that you are comfortable, having fun, and enjoying yourselves. In the end, the best advice that we can give to you is to always follow your heart in the decision that you end up making. Whatever chapter you choose to join, we hope that you are able to find the love and happiness that we have found here at Sigma Kappa. We all look forward to meeting you at recruitment!

Love In Sigma Kappa,

The Gamma Kappa Chapter